Neverwinter Nights Add-Ons

Neverwinter Nights is a great computer game based on Dungeons and Dragons™. I have produced a few add-on files for the game, and have compiled some useful links and resources for others who are interested. Enjoy!

JHR1: The Vethboro Dragon
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This is a light-hearted module intended for 1-4 first-level characters. It was inducted into Neverwinter Vault’s “Hall of Fame” in September of 2002, selected as the number one user-created module at, and featured as one of “Ten Must-Have Modules” in the May, 2003 edition of Computer Games magazine. For more detailed information, take a look at the Player’s Guide. If you are curious about the mod or myself, you might enjoy an interview I did at the Vault (originally posted Jan. 9th, 2003).

The module includes a DM’s Guide, maps, and a pre-created DM character. The guide is in the “pdf” format and is suitable for printing. I highly recommend that you examine these materials before attempting to DM the module.

I would appreciate it if you would post your comments on the module’s page at Neverwinter Vault.

JHR1: Multiplayer Pack
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The Multiplayer Pack includes the hak file needed for a player to connect to a multiplayer server running the module. It also includes the Player’s Guide.

Party-Related Functions
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This is a collection of functions useful for dealing with the multiplayer environment. Many of them are modeled upon BioWare’s “CheckPartyForItem” function.

There are also versions of the ‘test’ and ‘set’ functions for floats and strings. See the readme file for more details.

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Certain archetypal wizards are known to puff on a pipe now and again, and one of my characters took it up. This is a scripted item which has the activating PC say one of three random emotes and then blow a puff of smoke out by the PC’s mouth. A small module is included as a demo (the pipe is given to you upon entry). To use the pipe, either right-click it and select “Use” or add it to the quickbar. Instructions are included for adding the pipe to your own modules.

Pipe v2.0
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This version of the pipe includes a custom inventory icon and visual effect.

The following files were created in conjunction with the DM-Friendly Initiative (DMFI), a guild created on the BioWare community site. We are dedicated to making the role of the Dungeon Master in NWN easier and more fun. We are also working to supply tools to enable DMs to do more than previously possible using the DM Client alone. Finally, we are trying to educate module designers about the needs of DMs.

DMFI: Dungeon Master’s Module Guide Template
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The “Adventure.ttf” font is included along with the template. “Adventure” (created by Neale Davidson) is a freely-distributable font  that replicates the symbols used in 3rd-edition PnP modules. See the “AdventureReadme.txt” file for credits and details.

DMFI: Dungeon Master’s Quick Reference Sheet
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The Dungeon Master’s Quick Reference Sheet contains a wealth of useful information in a very handy format. It includes notes about the DM’s interface as well as a complete list of player and DM console commands. It’s a two-page PDF document intended to be printed on a single sheet of paper (front and back).